Comparing Ourselves to Others

If you are anything like me you might catch yourself comparing yourself to others. The good thing is we caught ourselves. It’s easier to heal when we are aware something is not healthy for us.

Comparing ourselves to others can lead to assumptions, jealousy, envy and greed. Our self-esteem and self-worth can take a hit. All of these things are not good for any relationship especially the one we have with ourselves.

When we compare ourselves to others we take on assumptions about ourselves and other people that, quite simply, aren’t known to be true. We may assume someone else’s life is perfect but we don’t see what goes on behind the curtain. We may assume they have everything but we don’t know this for sure. It’s just our ego and social programming trying to further the narrative of consumerism.

We might assume a person is snobby because of the way they look when they could be the kindest person ever. We might assume a person is less than or more than because of the way they dress all because they threaten our ego and belief system. We are silently comparing ourselves to them.

This is why I write so much about self love. If you love yourself first and foremost then comparing yourself to other becomes oblivious. In comparing ourselves to others comes with it greed because we feel we must have more to fit in or be better than others.

Envy and jealousy are also a dangerous side effects of comparing ourselves to others. It makes people frienemies or fake friends. Friends for the wrong reasons. This is something we want to stop cultivating. It doesn’t just happen in high school but as adults too. Strong healthy friendships where you clap for each other is where the gold lies.

If we are feeling greedy, envious or jealous we must take a step back and ask what is causing us to feel this way on the inside. There is a trigger deep inside of us that is causing this issue.

When we feel happy, fulfilled and grateful we can’t help but be happy for others and ourselves. It’s a wonderful feeling to give that energy to others.

Comparing ourselves to others is a self-deprecating behavior. It doesn’t just effect us but it effect those around us. People can sense negative vibes whether they know it or not. When we are in our feelings like envy or jealousy we are giving out negativity whether we realize it or not.

If you feel this may be you learn to know your worth. Your worth doesn’t come from your clothes, your children, the car your drive or how much money you have. I can’t tell you your worth you have to know it on your own. You are made up of star dust, universal energy and you are eternal. There is much more to you then this tiny space.

Nothing is beyond you or outside of you. You were born of love and you are love right now. You can do everything your heart desires but you have to know that in your heart. No one can make you see that. Once you so see it, you will be unstoppable.

What are you going to do today to take a grand leap into self-love? Mention it below in the comments. ⬇️

Much love,



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