Welcome to Happy Well Bliss! Happy Well Bliss is short for Happiness Wellness and Bliss. I created this tag many years ago when I owned a fitness business called Happy Well Fit, which was Happiness Wellness and Fitness.

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I’ve been writing successfully for most of my life and I remember it was always something I loved to do. It was easy, stress free and it flowed like water down the side of a mountain. Free, unwavering and determined to make it’s final destination.

I am a Certified Life Coach. I have had my own successful fitness business and now more recently I have slanted things over to the spiritual side. I want to dig deep to get you the dreams that are in your heart.

I want to give human beings a different perspective that will inherently lead to more awareness and community in the world we live in today.

  • With this Site I will share my own experiences unabashedly in order to empower others as we gain insight together on the constant need to evolve past road blocks in our minds.
  • You need to know you are never alone and you are always surrounded by a Universe and Beings that want to help you.

I have written, edited and published three books that I put my whole heart into that I would love for you to read when you are ready. Love, magic and tears went into each one of them. If you would like to check out any of my books click here.

With Eternal Gratitude,

Angela Cecilia, Owner

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